Our Story

It is a long established fact that the fitment suspension industry have become highly specialized


Multi Brands Skills Centre has an in-depth understanding of the needs of the unemployed and unskilled people in South Africa. The participation of communities, industry, government and sponsors is continuously sought to ensure a holistic training approach. Multi Brands Skills Centre strongly support the development, education and training of people. Through empowering the people with knowledge, we can build a new and better future.

Fitment centre, computer and business administration training has been expanding at a rapid pace since 2009. Through education, development and training initiatives the skills and knowledge levels of learners has increased. However, there are still people lacking the skills and knowledge required to succeed in today competitive fitment centre market. After a thorough analysis of the South African job market it became clear that there was a vast breach in terms of high-quality training providers in the education, training and development industry. This research set the foundation for the establishment of Multi Brands Skills Centre in 2016.


Multi Brands Skills Centre is a specialist in the Industry, and we are rapidly becoming a market leader primarily because of the personnel record – our combined training experience total 44+ years. We received our accreditation (MERSETA number 17-QA/ACC/1169/16) in 2016. Our people are our corner stone and with many years of training and education experience we can offer the best. Since our investiture we have had enormous success, training individuals from various corporate clients, establishing unyielding relationships as well as lucrative prospects for the future. Multi Brands Skills Centre provides business solutions with the emphasis on education, training, development and consultation.

Multi Brands Skills Centre is recognized as a leader in the market in terms of providing outcome-based training of the highest standard. We believe education is not a destination but rather part of an on-going process of continuous improvement of skills that enables self-empowerment.

Multi Brands Skills Centre completely supports the government’s vision in terms of the Skills Development Act.