Point S Skills Development has an in-depth understanding of the needs of the industry and unskilled people in South Africa. The participation of communities, industry, government and sponsors is continuously sought to ensure a holistic training approach. Point S Skills Development strongly support the development, education and training of people. Through empowering the people with knowledge, we can build a new and better future.

Fitment centre, computer and business administration training has been expanding at a rapid pace since 1999. Through education, development and training initiatives the skills and knowledge levels of learners has increased. However, there are still people lacking the skills and knowledge required to succeed in today competitive fitment centre market. After a thorough analysis of the South African job market it became clear that there was a vast breach in terms of high-quality training providers in the education, training and development industry. This research set the foundation for the establishment of Point S Skills Development in 2016.

Point S Skills Development is a specialist in the Industry, and we are rapidly becoming a market leader primarily because of the personnel record – our combined training experience total 44+ years. We received our accreditation (merSETA ACCREDITATION: 17-QA/ACC/1169/16) in 2016.

Our people are our corner stone and with many years of training and education experience we can offer the best. Since our investiture we have had enormous success, training individuals from various corporate clients, establishing unyielding relationships as well as lucrative prospects for the future. Point S Skills Development provides business solutions with the emphasis on education, training, development and consultation.

Point S Skills Development is recognized as a leader in the market in terms of providing outcome-based training of the highest standard. We believe education is not a destination but rather part of an on-going process of continuous improvement of skills that enables self-empowerment.

Point S Skills Development completely supports the government’s vision in terms of the Skills Development Act.  


Point S Skills Development’s vision is to be the preferred supplier of high-quality business solutions and education within the Point S Member’s fitment centre parameters.


Point S Skills Development provides international de facto standard training, consulting and support services to any decision maker who is serious about their business and who places a high value on productivity, affordability, knowledge empowerment and their personnel development in maintaining a competitive advantage.


Point S Skills Development delivers accredited lecturer-based education as well as on-going support and services. At Point S Skills Centre, our aim is to empower delegates through knowledge and providing them with the necessary skills and attitude that will create employment opportunities and improve productivity for our clients.

Point S Skills  Centre’s own personnel and its alliances with other training and development suppliers provide a wide range of expertise and experience in different technologies and disciplines in order to manage diversity and unique projects. This allows Point S Skills Development to make use of the best expertise exclusively for the duration of a specific project in order to achieve service excellence and affordability.


Point S Skills Development interact with new venture creation in teaches unemployed and unprivileged South Africans to start their own businesses (SMME development) within their communities that will not only empower those individuals, but also stimulates the economic growth of those communities as part of our community development.

Participants are given the opportunity to become entrepreneurs by equipping them with the necessary knowledge, IT skills, business skills and business start-up tools to enable them to start their own businesses and create employment opportunities for other individuals within their community.

As a merSETA accredited training provider, Point S Skills Development can with the assistance from government and in accordance with the Skills Development Act and Training Act, educates and develops the skills of many uneducated and unskilled learners.

Point S Skills Development is continuously involved in training programs that are resulting in the continuous education and development of the South African workforce.

Community involvement ensures that future emerging businesses will enjoy strong local support. It is the responsibility of the community to ensure that a training facility is available. Recruitment and selection of delegates are conducted in co-operation with local community leaders and sponsors, if so required.

Point S Skills Development adopts a holistic training approach. The needs of a community as a whole are analysed and skills training tailored according to the requirements of the community. The objective is to create a hub of niche enterprises that co-exist to the advantage of the community.

Point S Skills Development delivers training solutions developed around a concise understanding of the client’s training needs that is in accordance with the client skills development plan. Point S Skills Development also provides HR / Training managers the possibility of assistance with their respective skills development plans by means of assessing prospective delegates prior to training.

This approach ensures that the focus remains on the accurate skills development of the Point S Member’s employees in terms of training, resulting in employees that are more productive and a long-term training partnership.


Point S Skills Development’s short course cell is a winner amongst our members as it provides them with the necessary training and development thus improving the work environment. The time and cost also falls within their budget thus providing development courses for their employees. Our short courses are built on the foundation of the industry requirements.


Point S Head Office provide special services as follow to our members:

  • QMS (Quality Management System) file and Implementation
  • QA (Quality Assurance) file and Implementation
  • OHS (Occupational Health & Safety) file and Implementation
  • SDF (Skills Development Facilitation) yearly submissions to seta and training Implementation
  • WSP (Work Skills Plan) yearly submission to seta and training Implementation
  • ATR (Annual Training Report) yearly submission to seta and training Implementation
  • LMS (Learner Management System) online theoretical training soft skills
  • With our expertise, we can claim back your training expenses in our group from the merSETA and WR Seta.

If you want to participate in the Point S Skills Development facilitation program, please talk to Andre Van Der Merwe or Nthabiseng Mohlala at Point S Head Office  to make arrangements. They will get the process going.               

Point S Skills Development delivers training solutions of the highest standard ensuring sustainable development and skills of learners. 

In order to attain and maintain these high standards Point S Skills Development promulgate the following:

  • Point S Skills Development course’s foundation is built on outcome base training.
  • Point S Skills Development theoretical classes are Instructor-led training.
  • Point S Skills Development believe in an effective training methodology, which delivers the maximum amount of hands-on practical experience to our learners in the classroom environment without limiting the theoretical knowledge that is required to become a competent, knowledgeable, and skilled worker.
  • Tailored training to meet the client’s particular needs.
  • The timely delivery of course events.
  • Point S Skills Development take pride in the fact that our classes are small no more than 15 learners per class. This allows us to provide personal attention where it is required.
  • Course material and manuals of highest quality.
  • The ability to deliver an integrated training programme through multiple delivery formats (which include instructor-led training in conjunction with technology-based training, one-on-one training interventions, on-the-job training, group exercises, etc)
  • Point S Skills Development only making use of only qualified and subject matter experienced facilitators that have the backup of competent assessors and moderators who are highly knowledgeable in their specialised field of expertise.


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